Importance of Interment! By Vallalar (Typo Corrected)
Dear Friends,
May The Almighty Grace Bless us abundantly!

Vallalar says that Physical body is nothing but a soul's rental Divine Abode. The Most Graceful Almighty is the only Designer and Owner. We, therefore, should know that we have no right/zero right to cremate any Dead Body. That is why, we must inter a dead body in a tomb to show our Overwhelming Gratitude to The Great Designer of our Physical Bodies.

Considering the constraint of lengthy page, I have given only two stanza from the Samathi Varpuruthal (Insisting on Interment) of Aaraam Thirumarai (Sixth Divine Volume) of Arutpa( The Song of Almighty Grace).

பரன்அளிக்கும் தேகம்இது சுடுவதப ராதம்எனப் பகர்கின் றேன்நீர்
சிரம்நெளிக்கச் சுடுகின்றீர் செத்தவர்கள்பற்பலரும் சித்த சாமி
உரனளிக்க எழுகின்ற திருநாள்வந் தடுத்தனஈ துணர்ந்து நல்லோர்
வரனளிக்கப் புதைத்தநிலை கா­ரோ கண்கெட்ட மாட்டி னீரே

புலைத்தொழிலே புரிகின்றீர் புண்ணியத்தைக் கருங்கடலில் போக விட்டீர்
கொலைத்தொழிலில் கொடியீர்நீர் செத்தாரைச் சுடுகின்ற கொடுமை நோக்கிக்
கலைத்தொழிலில் பெரியர்உளம் கலங்கினர்அக் கலக்கம்எலாம் கடவுள்நீக்கித்
தலைத்தொழில்செய் சன்மார்க்கம் தலைஎடுக்கப் புரிகுவதித் தருணம் தானே

So, no doubt!
We must inter the dead body in a tomb or at least, go for a simple burial. Isn't it? Yes; that is crystal clear!
Now, we have a second question of having separate burial place for Sanmarmaargees? Well.

I think we may not require a separate burial place for us. Because, Vallalar says that soul will never die; it just departs from body to body due to its Karma. Eternal body is granted for all pure compassionate souls by The Almighty Grace. And, the whole Universe and all the worlds completely belong to The Almighty Grace only. Our temporary homes( physical bodies) do also belong toThe Almighty Grace only. And, therefore, we try to preserve our temporary physical homes by interring them in tombs or by simple burial wherever possible, but with our overwhelming gratitude for offering us amazing physical bodies to rejoice in the physical world around us.

At the same time, we also need to look for a cost effective interment method to help all people (economically). And, at least, after death, let all the dead bodies be together at one common burial place. This is my humble view only. In fact, Vallalar also never mentioned about any separate burial place, but only emphasized the following two things;

1. No cremation, only burial, and
2. No rituality on burial/interment.

Therefore, all of us (Sanmaargees) should adapt the followings as the mandatory Laws/Rules;

1. A true Sanmaargy never ever cremates, and
2. A true Sanmaargy never ever performs any kind of rituality on burial, like the worldly people.

Nevertheless, we may also adapt the followings in accordance with the prime laws/rules of burial, without any violations.

1. We may light up a Thiruvilakku/Oil Lamp/Electric Lamp/Candle( as a wake-lamp), near the dead body as a symbol of the departed Jeevan/Anma/Soul, until the dead body will be taken for burial.

2. We may pray for the blessings of the Almighty Grace in group/Mass-Prayer so as to keep the departed soul in HIS DIVINE ABODE forever, or bless the departed Soul with an awesome yet another great life as a True Sanmargi.

3. We may also entomb the dead body or bury it in the family-own-land or in the Land of Sanmaaga Sangam, if possible only.

4.There is yet another advantage in burying the dead bodies in a common place, apart from saving unnecessary expenditures in burying the dead bodies. What is that? The Non-Sanmaargees around us would also watch us over and over what we do, after a Sanmaargi kicks his/her bucket(deports from the physical body). As a result of their continuous watch on us/our practice over a long time, they may eventually pick up a better spiritual practice from our simple/good actions, and in due course, by His Grace, they may also start to follow our cost effective simple burial method , only by offering spiritual Gratitude-Prayer to the Almighty Grace, with no ritual practice. Please let me know for any other better suggestions.

5. Every compassionate support from the Sanmarga Community at a particular place as needed for the Final -Mass-Prayer for the departed soul, and for burying the dead body is highly appreciated! All possible! Exalt Him only!

My additional Explanation on Interment:
For us, Burial is must!. Because, Vallalar says cremation is assassination/murder. Not fast, at least by slowly, our modern science is also able to understand the benefit of burial. Science says that our body is made of zillions of cells of different kinds (stem, brain, bone, blood, nerves, skin, etc). Some types of cells are alive for a quite long time/days/months/even more, even after the announcement of the so called, 'death' medically. That is why; today, we are able to preserve body-parts, after death for our later use.

So, what is going on, after death? Though we haven’t yet known clearly, however, we could make out a better educated guess based on our present medical evidences.

Vallalar gave us enough clues to explore on our own as we haven't evolved enough to understand HIM that time.

They are,
1. Cremation is murder, and
2. Our outer-most body (physical body) is analogue to stars in the Andam(Universe).

Today we all know that every star is like our sun (Sun is also a star/our star), that has its own planets and life. Similarly, every cell in our body is analogue to a star, to have its own life.

Our Science has also clearly proved that every cell has its own life, by the well-known method, called CLONING. A single cell/DNA (for example, stem cell) is more than enough to replicate a new life. So, we really do killing by cremation, because, not only, millions of body cells alive after death, but also, each cell has its own life/world. According to modern discoveries, the micro universe inside a small single cell is as big as our macro universe that we see by our naked eyes; and much more nature mysteries are being revealed through our everyday scientific explorations ( Sath Visaaram).

So, let us all humbly follow the message of Vallalar, with no second thought, by only burying and with no rituality. At the same time, a humble and thankful prayer may be offered to The Almighty Grace for the past life, and to bless the future life of the departed soul as well, since we all know that prayer is spiritual, not ritual; and the ritual is religious one to be entirely ignored!

By His Grace, detailed descriptions may be dealt with on this matter in my future book, maybe soon on its way, named as 'Soultronics'( The Scientific Sanmaargam). The prime purpose of this science based 'Soultronics', (written in simple English ) is to broadcast Vallalar's Universal Compassionate Message worldwide.

Thanks for reading, and broadcasting onto all other divine souls.

Arut Perum Jyothi,
Compassionately Yours,




Senhil Maruthaiappan
From point #1. We may light up a Thiruvila......... to point #3 are practical one. We need to consolidate or actually Sanmarga seniors has to come forward to standardize the procedures and publish it. Likewise we would need for any type of events as we had some discussions in previous posts. Actual sanmarga followers definitely understand the need for burying but how to procedure and also how to even without family support but at the will of a sanmargee wish is the question. And I saw the similar question that was raised by K.Manohar in his post last time.
Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 15:28 pm by Senhil Maruthaiappan
Durai Sathanan
May His blessings guide us to put His Message on interment into actions, in this fast changing world.We may form a Sanmarga Interment Team(Sanmaarga Narsamaathi Volunteers-NSV), and inform to all of us. We may buy lands very far from the city limits, and provide a vehicle facility to brings the departed body to the burial place.Either based on the Sanmaarg's Will or his/her family request, NSV will take care of providing vehicle, and entombing or burial, either at the place as per the person's Will or at the place provided by his/her family or at his/her village burial place or at the place owned by the NSV.

May The Almighty bless us!
Arut Perum Jyothi,
Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 16:57 pm by Durai Sathanan
Vivek D
People of Egypt in those days buried inside a tomb. I hope this must be a universal practice give by same as like Vallal Peruman.
Monday, July 17, 2017 at 00:58 am by Vivek D
manohar kuppusamy
Dear Brother Thiru Durai and Thiru Senthil Maruthiaaippan,Iyya avargal,

Thanks for publishing good message.
For doing this project we should start a separate Trust or connected with SSSS sangam. Those wish to burial his/her body they have to register and they have to inform to their family members, etc.
The trust/sangam/assn. should take care of everything.
On this project minimum 5 or 6 peoples 24 hrs should work.
Remuneration has to be paid.
For this we should require minimum 10 ACres or more Acres in outside the village or Near vadalar (from vadalaoor in and around 50 kms away).
The system has to follow like, Christainty and muslims and other some group of peoples doing. Likewise we can also do the best.If almighty god wish the same for us.
Monday, July 17, 2017 at 08:24 am by manohar kuppusamy
Durai Sathanan
Thank you very much ayyah for your thoughtful review! Please send your contact number via my email: anmaneyam@gmail.com. Thanks again. Have a great day! Arutperunjothi...
Monday, July 17, 2017 at 11:53 am by Durai Sathanan