Annamalay Sanasi
Learned Sanmarga experts
"Learned Sanmarga experts may kindly advice me on the course of action I should follow. With advanced gratitudes, Kanagasabai Ramalingam".

We human-form are confused with economic, religion and spirituality. TOO MANY DO AND DON’T. THIS sets our minds into a marathon run without an end.
You would not be in any situation if you answered the same question form a ‘pure spiritual perspective only’, without other attachments of life or human-form religious rules.

You pay respects to both the sole (spirit) and physical body, both of these have evolved it the next dimension (not dead) within nature’s powerful creation. We are a big part of in any case. However we human-form have no control of. Apart from your mother who created you or (in your appa's case your grandmother created him).

These Mothers are your ONLY vehicles to get you onto Mother-Earth and after you enjoyed this COSMOS which is given to you for FREE.
Your freedom is FREE - Air, Water, Space, Fire (Sunshine D) and Earth are the basic five elements. We are transformed into nature again. There is no death.

You cannot payback any of these good deeds of gratitude given to you over your human-form life-cycle. The reason being that there is NO price tag for you or economic evaluate.
NO dollar, pound or rupee exchange rate none of that is relevant here.

It is called TRUE PURE - 'ArutperunJothi ArutperunJothi ThaniperungKarunai ArutperunJothi' .

So now I hope you understand why our GREAT Swami said don't do anything. You cannot fulfill anything that was given to you so WHY even WORRY. You don't to payback BUT you must SHARE the light inside to ALL living beings. These are just material based practice on current economics and religious grounds only.

Your birth is great but your creation is the GREATER. and your TRUE PURE contribution is the GREATEST.
Therefore respect all your linage and appreciate what they have done for you in your whole life and your family of HUMAN-Form. Ellam SivaMayam. Matha, Pitha, Guru and Daevam.

It is called TRUE PURE - ArutperunJothi ArutperunJothi ThaniperungKarunai ArutperunJothi .
With no conditions or strings attached.

Pay SPIRITUALLY all your deepest gratitude appreciates and reciprocates = RESPECT.

Ref. to the ThiruVarutpaa – Naerisai Vennpaa : “ Summaa Irukkung Sugam”.

Do nothing but ENJOY the SPIRITUAL BLISS within the entire COSMOS and within you. The True Pure creation within you knows everything - Ellam SivaMayam. Don’t worry.

Kind regards
Annamalay Sanasi
South Africa
Durban and Pretoria

Ramalingam Kanagasabai
Thank you Sanasi Ayya, for your thoughts. Quite useful.
Friday, June 15, 2018 at 06:55 am by Ramalingam Kanagasabai