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4 Legacies and 4 Disciplines of Sudha Sanmargam

Four Legacies (Purusharthams) of Suddha Sanmargam

1. Ema Sithi - Grace-Protection or Grace-Shield. It also refers to the Sithi of Transforming elements; for example from Iron to Gold

2. Sahaakkalvi - Immortal Education or the Inward Education for Immortality

3. Thathuva Nikraham – Victory over our own personality-traits or conquering our 96 thathuvas.

4. Kadavul Nilai Arinthu Ammayamathal - Manifestation of Grace-Perfection that already exists in us so that we can gain immortal godliness and Eternal Blissful Greater Life without undergoing our physical death

Four Disciplines of Suddha Sanmargam

1. The Physical Discipline:
This is to get rid of our Erul or the dirts of our physical body, and take care of our Physical Health, and rejoice in our Sound Physical Body.
2. The Psychic Discipline:
This is to cleanse our mind and develop positive thoughts to overcome our Marul or the mental delusions; such as anger, anxiety, fears, and, etc.
3. The Spiritual Discipline:
This is to make us aware of our own Therul or Compassion or the inward light in us so that we respect all human beings equally regardless of any known or unknown differences; such as castes or colors, regions or religions, nations or languages, rich or poor, women or men, and, etc.
4. The Soul Discipline:
This is to help us rejoice in the Eternal World of Limitless Grace-Bliss, by serving all souls as our own. Since, souls are the Divine-Abode for Almighty.

1. The Physical Discipline:

 Do not hear bad and unpleasant words; hear Náthàm divine chanting and mantra chanting.
 Do not touch with impurity; touch compassionately.
 Do not look cruelly and frighteningly.
 Do not have liking for delicious food.
 Do not have liking for perfumes – the heady scent.
 Converse with others in a good and useful way.
 Do not tell lies.
 When a being is in (life) trouble, by any means remove the trouble.
 Pay a visit to the places of saints and sages.
 Go around and live in the place of saints and holy places in order to help the being.
 Give and take with good intention for the good activities.
 Take food moderately.
 Have sensual enjoyment moderately.
1. The Physical Discipline:
 Maintain regularity in passing urine and motion (attend to the natural calls immediately); maintain normal condition – without less or excessive passing.
 If affected by the climate change and heat, remove the trouble by medicine, material means, Sarapètham(changing the nostril breathing – solar and lunar), asthaparisa means (pressing the vital-physical points in the body) and mulanga pranava dhyana (concentrate on the base with ‘ah’ sound breathing in and out in order to make more oxygen go into the system (and clear the bowel).
 Seminal fluid (Sukkilam in men and Shronitham in women) should not be spent in indulging excessively and improperly – that is a moderate method of restraint and not spending it at all in any way is an extreme method (continence – mastery over oneself).
 Always cover the body and also cover the head and chest too, and do not wear dirty cloths.
 When you are walking you should wear footwear.
2. The Psychic Discipline:

 Concentrate and fix the mind in the Cirsabhai; (in between the eyebrows)
 Stay away from Evil thoughts
 Do not find fault with others (do not gossip).
 Do not be angry with others.
 Have no self-importance — put into practice self-denial (i.e. do not be self-centric and ego-centric person).
 Remove the inconscient state and become the reality of the Truth (remove all the bad effects of the lower nature – the bad habits and wrong characters, and become the nature of Truth).
 Have perfect control over yourself – over the tattvas in order that your energies are not spent wrongly.

3. The Spiritual Discipline:

See in equality all men and women without any differentiation of
 Personal and family background such as, lineage, clan, ethnicity, race, caste, cult, sect, religion, custom, etc.,
 Ashram – Religious faith and spiritual ideals (the school of philosophy), ritual practice, etc.,
 Language, National and regional identity
 Social status – low and high class, rich and poor
 Any other known or unknown differences

4. The Soul Discipline:
The souls that have taken the physical form – from elephant to ant, is called the Thirusabhai (the divine abode in the living beings) and the Light within the Soul is the Lord;
With Oneness, see all living beings as your own Self without any differentiation – this Oneness is the “Soul Discipline”.